Nirmal Integrated Consultancy (Team-NIC)

Nirmal Integrated Consultancy (Team - NIC)

Nirmal Integrated Consultancy, more commonly known as "Team-NIC", has been a trait of excellence in its working fields since its inception. Team-NIC have been dedicated to maintain highest standards of discipline and quality in its products and services.

Nirmal Integrated Consultancy (Team-NIC) is a name of respect and honor for consultancy services for Education & Research, Career Planning, Business Promotions, Marketing & Advertising, Partnerships & Collaborations, E-Marketing, Web Designing, Quality Processes, Process Improvements, Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation, Market Research, Publications, and more.

Clients of Team-NIC have enjoyed advantages of huge experience of its experts in wide and multidisciplinary domains including Education, Publishing, Designing, Printing, Media & Technology, Business Management, Internet & Technology, and many more.

Team-NIC believes in Ethical Practices in business and work for utmost satisfaction of their clients.


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