Education Consultancy

NIC Education Consultancy Services

NIC - ECSU is a service unit (SU) of NIC dedicated towards providing consultancy for students of higher (Post-Secondary) education and professional courses including Management, IT, Science, Commerce, Arts, Law, Theology (Christian Education), and more.

The modern education has gone complex and career oriented and the students need to select the most appropriate field of higher (Post-Secondary) education for making their career. A serious though, and a rigorous exercise is required for selecting the field of higher studies which can help the student making their career as it take huge efforts and money in completing the education and converting the studies in professional work. Be it be the business or a job, the past education plays the most important role in entire success in the career.

Team – NIC offers its expertise services for consulting the students in selecting their field of education as well as suggest solutions for their education. Team – NIC maintains its collaborations with highly reputed academic institutes and university of National and International repute and provide the suggestible solutions to the students.

NIC – ECSU offers the following services to the students of Post Secondary Education:

  • Understand the interest and inclination of the student and suggest the education line suitable for its career making.
  • Consult the students for identifying its strengths and weaknesses and advise the education path.
  • Suggest the education line (Management, IT, Law, Science, Commerce, Arts, etc.) based on skills and interests of the student
  • Help the student getting admission in the prescribed courses like BBA, BCA, LLB, BE, B. Tech., B.Ed., MBA, MCA, M. Tech., M.Ed., Ph.D., and other courses at Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels.
  • Provide continuous guidance in their education for parallel grooming on career perspectives by parallel educations on specialized subjects.