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Team-NIC has launched an Excel Utility to help Universities in Self-Assessment for NAAC Accreditation. First draft for Criteria-I of the same has been placed for your use free of cost. You can download this NAAC SELF ASSESSMENT SOFTWARE FREE OF COST and use this for your benefits. For membership credentials, please request on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team-NIC has been appreciated for its NAAC Accreditation Consultancy; NAAC FDP; NAAC Training; NAAC Assessment Preparation; NAAC Accreditation Planning; Understanding NAAC Requirements; Understanding NAAC Assessment Process; Understanding NAAC in simplified manner; Knowing about NAAC Accreditation; Getting trained on NAAC Accreditation Framework; NAAC Pre-Visit Readiness; Preparing NAAC Application Documents; NAAC Documentation; Training about NAAC Preparation; Advisory support for curriculum planning as per NAAC requirements; Consultancy support for managing teaching and learning process as per NAAC framework; Student Assessment and Performance as per NAAC requirements; Process Ourcomes as per NAAC requirements; Infrastructure development and management support as per NAAC requirements; Human Resource Management as per NAAC assessment; Management and Administration support as per NAAC Assessment; Leadership Advisory for NAAC accreditation; Benificiary Satisfaction Analysis as per NAAC expectations; NAAC Workshops and hands-on feel about NAAC assessment; Going through NAAC Questionnaire and gromming skills for NAAC Assessment; and and any advisory/consultancy about NAAC Assessment and rating.

Must be noted that NAAC has not authorised any agents or consultants to undertake SSR/SAR preparations work NOR is Team-NIC an agent of NAAC for any of its processes. Team-NIC acts only as a facilitator for improving the process-understanding and expects continuous cooperation and efforts form institutes for Maintaining and Improving Quality of Education as per Objectives of NAAC. Team-NIC does not commit any minimum rating or score in NAAC assessment NOR it claims any influence in the external assessment for NAAC Accreditation. Team-NIC or any of its representative does NOT pretext for getting the approval of NAAC affiliation or expedite any NAAC Processes, or any personal influences with NAAC Officials for any types of consideration.

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