Research Consultancy

NIC Research Consultancy Service

RCS is a service unit (SU) of NIC dedicated towards providing consultancy for researchers and research scholars (M.Phil., Ph.D. and D.Litt. Scholars etc.) in the fields of Management, IT, Science, Commerce, Arts, and others.

Research is a complex thing in itself and is full of uncertainties and frustrations of multiple failures. Researchers need to handle multiple tasks including surveying, literature studies, data capturing, data analysis, report generation, thesis writing etc. For running all these in parallel and with smoothness, they need continuous guidance and support from their guides, who usually are too busy to provide all possible support. Team – NIC helps the research scholars in getting the parallel guidance and supports in completing their research for their Doctorate and Post Doctorate. Team – NIC aids the formal guides of the universities with the supplementary supports to their scholars in different tasks including guidance for identifying data sources, means of data capturing, analysis of data, report generation and presenting their thesis in the most professional manners.

These services of NIC – RCS can never replace the importance of the formal guides of the universities nor can replace the efforts of the scholars in completing their research but can only groom their means of research and strengthen their confidence by brushed up presentation of their research results. Following are the highlights of Research Consultancy Services from Team – NIC:

  • Understanding the fields of interests of the scholars and suggesting the research areas suitable
  • Helping the scholar in literature survey by providing access of different digital and physical libraries and contact to experts from International Universities.
  • Helping the scholar in identifying the research problems and objectives.
  • Helping the scholars in preparing the synopsis for their research and a feasible roadmap.
  • Guiding the scholar in applying for registration for Doctorate research in different universities.
  • Helping the scholar in carrying out the research in its due course by suggesting sources of data, helping develop the means of data collection, providing necessary trainings and means of data analysis, and helping to present the data in presentable and understandable format to make it most meaningful.
  • Guiding the scholar in writing the research thesis in international formats and providing support for its designing, printing, binding, and presenting in the most professional ways.